Is retail dead? Hardly.

The commerce landscape is booming, but it’s changing every day. Fueled by the experience economy, shoppers are now able to buy what they want, when they want it, and in completely different ways. To thrive in this challenging environment, companies need an agile and innovative solution that helps them protect and grow their market share.

Enter ORG, a groundbreaking new service model that integrates communications across disciplines to help our clients target the right shoppers in an increasingly complex—and competitive—marketplace.

From strategy and research to conversion and technology, ORG offers a broad range of expertise and capabilities to tackle the toughest marketing challenges. We’re proud to show both brands and retailers how to win in the new retail frontier. 

The death of the physical store has been greatly exaggerated.

Brick & mortar stores account for 85% of retail sales today and will still account for as much as 76% by 2023.

Goldman Sachs, 2017

ORG can help you create and execute a retail strategy that helps your business soar and better connect across digital and social channels.

By 2025

online FMCG sales will reach $150 billion globally, almost trebling its share to


Brand Footprint, Kantar May 2017

Let ORG help you assess your potential for either direct or indirect e-commerce.

Value of top 100 brands in subscription-based businesses

In 2018, 29% of the total value of top 100 brands lies in subscription-based businesses, versus 18% in 2009.

Goldman Sachs, 2017 

Is a subscription model in your company’s future? ORG can show you how to thrive in the new subscription economy.



Boost your commerce know-how with insights from some of the finest retail minds on the planet.

Here’s a taste of what the power of ORG can do for your business. We’ll continually refresh this space with content from some of the finest innovators, strategists and thought leaders in our coalition. Drop by often to see what’s new.

The Checkout: The Beauty Edition 

With COVID-19 creating seismic shifts to the in-store experience, brands and retailers are forced to pivot to maintain relevance with shoppers, especially in an interactive category like beauty. For this edition of The Checkout, we compare how shopper behavior in the beauty category has shifted since 2014 and 2018, when we last collected data on this topic, to today. 

The Checkout: Back to School Edition 

This fall’s back-to-school (BTS) shopping is riddled with uncertainties. Many students and parents are still unsure what this school year will look like, yet they are still attempting to craft their back-to-school shopping lists. We will take a look at the changes, as well as the continuities, in shopping behaviors this back-to-school season.

Have we lost the joy of shopping, can retailers help bring it back?

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders shifted the role of retailers in consumers’ everyday lives overnight. Shoppers identified retailers as either essential or non-essential. For those retailers deemed essential, this designation reframed the shopping trip as well.

How Retailers Can Use Voice to Meet Consumers Where They Are

As the technology continues to evolve and the list of Voice-enabled devices continues to grow, so do the use cases. Voice is bigger than the smart speaker, and its usefulness can benefit more than just consumers at home.

Preparing Your Brand for the Post-COVID-19 World of Retail

COVID-19 has accelerated consumers’ transition to online shopping on a large scale. Analysts suggest this trend will remain even after the pandemic is over. VP, Strategy Percival (Rocky) Longworth shares three strategies for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve as they prepare for the post-COVID-19 world of retail.   

The Plateau: Agility, Flexibility & Focus To Navigate The Known Unknown

Another chapter from our SVP Commerce Bryan Gildenberg with a series of recommendations on strategy and tactics for marketers and sales teams as we approach the next stage in these extraordinary times.

COVID-19 Impact: 10 Thoughts on changes to behaviors, communities and connections 

A non-exhaustive but comprehensive list of shopper reality as it stands in the midst of COVID-19’s growing outbreak – the “Great Big Knowns” of COVID-19 commercial life. From there, we will look at 10 “known unknowns” – a business problem or opportunity that presents itself as a result of the thing we know to be true today.

Global Travel Retail

A more connected Digital Journey


This report is a collaboration between DFNI and Omnicom Retail Group (ORG) with our joint objective to consolidate industry opinion and showcase leadership thinking, innovation and opportunities within the Global Travel Retail (GTR) industry.

4 Research Methods to Improve Your DTC Website

The best experiences, that have extended life spans, share something in common: they incorporate quantitative and qualitative user-experience research throughout every stage of the planning, design, and development process.

A Brave New Voice: 

The future of Brands & AI

In the productive in-between of Alexas and Siris and Amazon Suggest, artificial intelligence is clipping along dead in the middle of the service lane. Humans are curious, yet highly cautious about what are largely viewed as simply helpful toys. For now, they are just delightful oddities on our phones or in our kitchens that can be turned off, disabled and unplugged.




We’re proud to be investing in OMNI, Omnicom’s people-based, precision marketing and insights platform. Find out how access to this amalgamated shopper data can create unrivaled shopper understanding and insight for your business.



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